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Platin Bilişim is a technology company to providing services in the fields of "Cyber Security", "Holistic Security" and "Data Protection". Platin Bilişim, which started out as a boutique company in 2001, in end-to-end security services with over 20 years of experience in; both in the classical IT Security, in the modern technologies like SOC and Cyber Security fields is experted.

Our Mission
To be the vanguarding company that is taken as a reference with the service standards it offers in the field of data protection and data security. To contribute to the training of knowledgeable, ethical, experts and professionals.

Our Vision
To be the first company that comes to mind when it comes to data protection and data security in Turkey, and to show the power of Turkish engineering to the whole world.

Platin Bilişim, which provides installation, operation, maintenance and consultancy services for cyber security and data protection solutions of leading brands such as IBM, Veritas, Broadcom, Delinea, BigFix, Transvault, Continuity and Skyhigh; which breaking new grounds a lot until to date, has implemented more than 1000 projects both at domestic and abroad which have contributed to Turkey's digitalization process.

Since the day it was founded, it has been reliable technology solution partner for its' customers; a strong technical staff, quality service understanding, many successful security projects carried out in different sectors and with leading brands as well as which has made a name for itself with its' social responsibility activities in the field of education also Platin Bilişim; always draws attention to the problem of trained workforce in the field of information technologies and the importance of qualified human resources to be brought to our country in this field.

Today with its more than 100 employees Platin Bilişim; within the scope of its outsourcing service model, provides services to institutions operating in many sectors such as finance, energy, insurance and retail, offers a special working model to its' customers within the scope of "Manageable Services" remotely or on-site also.

With the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction and its proactive approach; Platin Bilişim which makes a difference with its products and solutions in Turkey's digital transformation journey; believes that its’ employees are the greatest strength in it. In this context, it works with all its might in order to be the company that offers the best working opportunities to its employees in the IT sector.

Cyber Security Technologies

Platin Bilişim providing SIEM, SOAR, SOC , Red Team and Purple Team products and services to customers under cyber security technologies. 

SOC – Security Operations Center

Platin Bilişim analyzes the basic security needs of customers using its knowledge and experience in the cyber security sector. Regarding to the analysis , SOC services and packages created in order to offer right services and technologies at affordable costs. SOC Consultancy and SOC Monitoring services provided under SOC. SOC Consultancy is covering on site resource services(Residency/on-site L1-L2 Engineer) and SOC Monitoring is covering L1-L2-L3 Analyst services as well as shared SOAR platform. Platin Fusion SOC offers a Reporting tool which can be used for monitoring alert details, both in real time and retrospective. There are 3  different packages available which are SOC Base, SOC Pro and SOC Advanced.

MDR - Managed Detection & Response

MDR is the procurement, positioning, operation and execution of the necessary technologies by your service provider to detect and respond to cyber attacks as quickly as possible. As Platin Bilişim, we provide MDR service to our customers using IBM QRadar EDR solution in this context.

SIEM - Central Logging and Event Management– Qradar

QRadar; is a new generation and featured SIEM system provided by IBM. It is a SIEM platform that is compatible with both centralized and distributed architecture and can work in a multi-tenant structure if desired. SIEM is a product that can collect logs from applications, network and security devices and also have capability to make correlations and searches with the collected logs.

Platin Bilişim provides QRadar implementation, support and maintanance services(5*9/7*24), manage services, on site engineer consultancy, training, healthcheck and advanced consultancy services.

SOAR - Security Orchestration, Automation and Response – Resilient

It is a SOAR platform that enables the organization and automation of incident response processes. SOAR provides increasing the threat/incident response capabilities in the face of the increase in the variety and amount of data in an institution. It facilitates the business processes, performing the manual operations of a cyber security personnel faster and error-free in the automation environment. SOAR integrates different security applications and services with each other and provides faster detection of suspicious behaviors. Also, it reduces notification/action and triggering time, and automates notifications. It integrates quickly and easily with your organization's existing security and IT investments. IBM Resilient installation, maintenance, playbook-operation and consultancy services are provided by Platin Bilişim.

NDR - Network Detection & Response

NDR is used to detect, analyze and respond to potential threats and security incidents on a network. This approach can detect anomalous behavior or potential threats at an early stage by monitoring network traffic and activities.

IBM NDR can also refer to a family of products or services offered by IBM Security. These products or services help organizations with network security and threat detection.

IBM NDR solutions can perform the following basic functions:

Threat Detection, Incident Monitoring and Analysis, Advanced Threat Detection, Automated Response and Blocking, Incident Response and Investigation, Data Visualization and Reporting.

IBM NDR is an essential tool for organizations looking to improve network security and respond to threats more quickly. Monitoring and analyzing network traffic provides an effective way to detect potential threats and strengthen security measures.

Purple Team Services

Platin Bilişim's expert engineers provide services such as General Monitoring Rule Library, Advanced Rule Library, Analysis & Improvement of SIEM Rules, Visibility & Maturity Analysis and Rule Testing, MITRE Scope Reporting, Attack Simulation and Rule Testing. Mor team provides services aimed at increasing the maturity level of the SIEM platform.

Holistic Security Technologies

Platin Bilişim providing end-user security, infrastructure, border and application security, database and cloud security services to customers under holistic security technologies. 

Infrastructure, Border and Application Security


Internet Security – Proxy

ProxySG combines a broad set of features that protect your organization from the ever-increasing complexity and threats in your web traffic. Standing between users and the internet, ProxySG examines the content to identify malicious payloads and then filters, categorizes, blocks or modifies web content to reduce risks and prevent data loss. Broadcom ProxySG installation, maintenance and operating services are provided by Platin Bilişim.

Cloud Based Web Security – WSS

Broadcom Web Security Service protects your organization from cyberattacks using an advanced proxy architecture that terminates, inspects and controls high volumes of web and cloud traffic, even when encrypted with SSL/TLS. With the changing working conditions, users' need for external access has increased. Security devices located within the company are insufficient to produce effective solutions for out-of-office users. With the Broadcom Web Security Service, effective use of corporate security products is provided for out-of-office users. Broadcom WSS installation, maintenance and operating services are provided by Platin Bilişim.

Content Analysis and Sandbox – CAS

Sandbox is a security system that analyzes, understands and takes action against threats that traditional security systems fail to detect. By positioning Broadcom with other security products, it is effective in detecting advanced attacks that are difficult to detect, can circumvent traditional intrusion prevention systems, and exploit Zeroday vulnerabilities. It is also an important component of Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) systems. Broadcom CAS installation, maintenance and operating services are provided by Platin Bilişim and CAS can work as On-Premise or Cloud.

Web Isolation

Web isolation is technology that protects against malicious web content and e-mails containing links to these web contents. Therefore, they cannot perform malware and other advanced attacks on the enterprise. It also prevents users from sending corporate credentials and other sensitive information to unknown and malicious websites by processing their pages in read-only mode. Web Isolation installation, maintenance and operating services are provided by Platin Bilişim. Broadcom web Isolation is a cloud solution that can integrate with other Broadcom security products.

SSL Visibility

SSL offloader is the process of decrypting the traffic sent via SSL to a web server and/or removing SSL-based encryption from incoming traffic to reduce the encryption load. SSL visibility is a comprehensive solution that makes SSL / TLS "blind spots" visible using high-security encryption methods and nourishes other security devices. Devices see all encrypted traffic, examine it and reveal potential threats. Today, companies make very serious investments in web security, but unless encrypted internet traffic (HTTPS) is decrypted, other security products cannot be expected to work effectively. Broadcom SSL Visibility installation, maintenance and operating services are provided by Platin Bilişim.

Corporate Email Security – SMG

It is a software solution positioned between the mail server and the outside world (internet). Email Gateway; provides a secure e-mail gateway and protection against e-mail-borne threats. It is an effective firewall for your e-mails and scans incoming e-mails for malicious content and e-mails can be encrypted if needed. As Platin Bilişim, we provide installation, maintenance and operation services of Broadcom SMG and Email.Cloud products. It can work in On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid structures.

Data and End-User Security


End-User Security – EPP

It is a security platform installed on endpoint devices with tasks such as preventing malicious software attacks, detecting malicious activities and providing data for incident response. As Platin Bilişim, we provide installation, maintenance and operating services of Broadcom EPP products.

Endpoint Detection and Response – EDR

Broadcom EDR

Security systems that combine next-generation antivirus elements with additional tools to provide real-time anomaly detection and alerting, forensic analysis, and endpoint remediation capabilities. As Platin Bilişim, we provide installation, maintenance and operation services of Broadcom EDR product.


It refers to a security approach used to detect, respond and prevent potential threats at the endpoints of computer networks (i.e. computers, servers, mobile devices). EDR solutions help detect malicious software, infiltration attempts, data breaches and other security threats in their early stages.

These products are used to monitor, analyze and protect endpoint devices and systems. IBM EDR solutions perform core functions such as:

Threat Detection, Incident Monitoring and Analysis, Automated Response, Investigation and Incident Response, Data Protection

IBM EDR helps organizations more effectively protect against security threats at the endpoints of their computer networks. It plays a particularly important role in detecting and responding to advanced threats and unusual behavior.

Data Loss Prevention – DLP

It is a data security technology that enables monitoring and protection of transmission of sensitive data by unauthorized use in a network. As Platin Bilişim, we provide installation, maintenance and operating services of Broadcom DLP product.

Disk, File and E-mail Encryption – PGP/SEE

File encryption; Encryption of critical data and today's regulations (KVKK, GDPR, etc.) has become a necessity for all corporate businesses. This need is met with file encryption technologies.

Disk encryption; especially important data disks with critical end-user and corporate applications are working, lost, etc. In such cases, it ensures that the data in it is inaccessible to third parties.

Email encryption; is the encryption of email messages to prevent content from being read by entities other than the intended recipients. It is a software prepared to protect the data of companies.

As Platin Bilişim, we provide installation, maintenance and operation services for Broadcom encryption solutions.

PAM – Privilege Access Management – Delinea

Delinea Secret Server solution provides secure use by storing authorized accounts in encrypted form and acting as a central password vault. It also makes service, application, administrator and root accounts within the environment visible and prevents them from being spread inappropriately.

At the same time, which users can access passwords can be defined and an authorization matrix can be created. For more secure use of passwords; complex formations can be made when changing passwords. Session Monitoring technology allows real-time monitoring of all privileged sessions and live streaming of an active session.

Delinea Privilege Manager product enables the discovery of applications that require administrative rights in your environment (domain independent). Users can be granted administrator rights for specified processes. Restrictive policies can be applied for users with administrator rights. It makes it possible to discover and authorize users with local administrator rights in your environment. Delinea solution adopts the "Least Privilege" method.

We offer installation, maintenance, password and operating services of privileged accounts as Platin Bilişim with Delinea PAM product.


AD Bridge - Server Suite - Delinea

Enables non-Windows systems to join Active Directory. This allows the benefits of Active Directory to be extended consistently across Windows, Linux and UNIX IT systems and network devices.

Cloud Security



It keeps you secure and compliant when using approved and unapproved cloud apps and services across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS platforms. Named a leader by Gartner and Forrester, Broadcom CASB enables you to achieve unmatched cloud application security with the deepest visibility, tightest data security, and strongest threat protection.


Broadcom Secure Access Cloud is a SaaS solution that provides more secure and granular access management to any corporate resource hosted on-premises or in the cloud. It uses Zero Trust Access policies to provide point-to-point connectivity without agents or devices and eliminates network-level threats.

Database Security


Audit Security - IBM Guardium

IBM Guardium Data Protection is a software platform designed to ensure data security and privacy. This platform focuses on protecting sensitive data in data storage and management solutions such as databases and file systems. Guardium Data Protection is used to meet data security and audit requirements, detect and prevent data breaches, manage privileged access and ensure regulatory compliance.

The core functions of IBM Guardium Data Protection are;

Data Monitoring and Breach Detection, Data Privacy and Encryption, Access Control and Monitoring, Database Access Rights Management, Database Access Rights Management, Regulatory Compliance, Database Audit and Monitoring.
IBM Guardium Data Protection is especially critical for organizations in finance, healthcare, retail and other industries. Companies that want to ensure data security, protect privacy and comply with regulations can protect and manage their data assets more effectively using Guardium.

Data Protection Technologies

Platin Bilişim provides corporate data backup, e-mail archiving, e-mail classification, disaster recovery, corporate-secure file sharing and patch management solutions within the scope of data protection technologies.

Backup Solutions


Data Backup – NetBackup

Backup is the practice of keeping copies of data in physical or cloud locations separate from files in storage. Regular backups; It provides protection against the risk of damage or loss due to hardware failure, software or media errors, viruses, power failure, theft and even human error. In this context, Veritas Backup Exec and Veritas NetBackup products are provided.

Backup Units - NetBackUp Appliance

Backup units contain security software to protect the system from attacks. Thanks to the clustering software that provides protection at the disk layer, it eliminates the risks of growth and the possibility of data loss. It is an integrated data protection solution with all these components. It has optional solutions ranging from small medium businesses to the Enterprise customer segment. Due to Netbackup deduplication feature, more data can be backed up with low costs. There is a singularization option on the source or on the server. Due to to these options, you can use the singularization method in situations that require performance. Netbackup Appliance can accelerate processes directly with only one manufacturer in case of failure and can perform all updates, including the operating system, with a single update package.

In addition to all these, it has software to prevent data deletion and modification so that it can protect your data from cyber attacks on backup systems. With Netbackup Appliance solutions, full compliance is provided by reducing the management cost in your business.

Long Term Storage – Access

Long-term storage; primarily due to legal reasons or special requests (archiving etc.) of data should be kept for 5-10 years is stored in disk units that are less costly and have deduplication feature instead of primary storage unit. It is a software-based, multi-protocol (NFS, CIFS, FTP, SMB, S3) NAS solution. In this context, Veritas Access solution is used.

End User Backup – DLO

It is automatic file backup and recovery technology for data stored on desktop or laptop computers. Veritas DLO  product is provided with in the scope of backup solution.

Archiving Solutions


E-Mail Archiving – Enterprise Vault

Email archiving is a automatical process to protect incoming or ongoing e-mails’ contents and attachments. Thus, if needed, these e-mails can be accessed at a later date. With the journal archiving function, it is possible to recover lost or accidentally deleted e-mails, and to protect intellectual property in business e-mails and attachments. With in the scope of ​​e-mail archiving, the installation, maintenance and operating services of Veritas Enterprise Vault are provided.

E-mail / File Classification & Tagging – Enterprise Vault

It is a software technology that enables organizations to audit and search for a specified data in their archived e-mails or files. To optimize archive storage, classification is necessary. The classified data can be labeled and their retention time in the archive can be set. Veritas Enterprise Vault product is used within the scope of classification and labeling technology.

Corporate Inspection – e-Discovery

Institutions, public institutions and law firms using a single application; It is an enterprise software technology that enables them to manage legal, research and regulatory issues. It is a technology that can search a large number of sources at an advanced level, analyze the data it obtains, and make it easier for the end user to solve legal and real life problems. Platin Bilişim continues to work with Veritas e-Discovery product within the scope of this technology solution.

E-mail Archive Migration – Transvault

It provides e-mail (Exchange, O365), archive (Enterprise Vault), PST migration operations. Example of offered solutions like; from EV to EV, from EV to O365, from PST to EV. In this case, Platin Bilişim provides solutions with its Transvault product.

Instant Messaging Archiving - Merge 1

Merge 1 is a solution that enables the discovery and archiving of high-risk data in chat, file sharing, social media, financial platforms, mobile/SMS, collaboration and voice channels. Merge 1 enables rapid analysis, detection and reporting of compliance risks.

Infrastructure Solutions


Patch And Software Management – BigFix

BigFix creates a "one and only" source for managing hundreds of thousands of endpoints from a single server. While it can be deployed in a few hours, it is an industry-wide solution that shortens update times and increases provisioning rates, reduces IT support and workforce needs, and increases end-user productivity.

BigFix is a suite of products that provides a fast and intuitive solution for compliance, endpoint, and security management and allows organizations to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints through a single infrastructure, a single console, and a single type of agent. The main features are patch management, upgrades inventories, check and control for regulations compliance.

It is a process that ensures that the patches to be made to the software can be handled in a more organized way and that the network infrastructure is kept more up-to-date and protected from possible attacks. Platin Bilişim continues to work with the BigFix solution within the scope of patch management

Inventory Management - BigFix

The BigFix Inventory solution can identify in detail an organization's licensed and unlicensed software to track software usage patterns and trends across Windows, UNIX, Linux and macOS endpoints.

The BigFix Inventory solution significantly reduces the time required to conduct a comprehensive software asset inventory and provides valuable insight into what licenses are in place.

It supports better planning, budgeting and vendor licensing by identifying how often software is used.

The near-instant visibility into enterprise assets provided by the BigFix Inventory solution is vital for optimizing asset control and streamlining operations.

Disaster Recovery – Infoscale Clustering

It is a cluster (High Availability) software that provides usability and disaster recovery for critical business services, including individual databases, private applications, and complex multi-tier applications on physical and virtual servers. In this context, the installation, maintenance and operating services of Veritas Infoscale product are carried out.

Infrastructure Configuration Analysis– Availability Guard

With this solution, the data center is automatically scanned and High Availability/Disaster Recovery risks are identified. The software warns the system administrator if vulnerabilities are detected by proactively identifying incorrect configurations and fault points, and the faults do not cause service or interruptions. In this way, problems can be resolved before work-related operations are affected. It provides IT teams with clear visibility into their environment with automatic log verification for production, HA & DR systems, verifying that HA systems are always ready, and verifying that DR and production systems are always in sync. In this context, Availability Guard is used.


IBM; headquartered in New York, USA, it is the world's largest information technology company. Platin Bilişim's partnership with IBM, one of the leading brands, started in 2012. Since then, Platin Bilişim has realized more than 100 projects with nearly 200 customers to whom it offered IBM Qradar & Resilient solutions. In addition, with a proactive approach against threats, Fusion SOC service specially designed for its' customers in order to make the security of companies more visible and preventable, provides services 24/7 or as a complemental to companies.

Veritas Technologies; is a global leader in data protection, usability and insights. 86% of Fortune 500 companies use Veritas software and services. Platin Bilişim; Veritas Backup Exec and NetBackup within the scope of data backup solutions, Veritas DLO within the scope of end-user backup solutions, Veritas Enterprise Vault within the scope of e-mail archiving, classification and tagging technology, Veritas Access within the scope of long term storage, Veritas Infoscale within the scope of disaster recovery and detailed searches and analyzes in many sources offers Veritas e-Discovery products to its’ customers, which facilitate the solving of real-life problems.

Broadcom; It is a global infrastructure technology leader built on 50 years of innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence. Through the merger of Broadcom, LSI, Broadcom Corporation, Brocade, CA Technologies and Symantec, the company has advanced the size, scope and engineering capability that will drive the industry into the future. Platin Bilişim; Broadcom ProxySG, within the scope of web security service, Broadcom SMG and Email.Cloud within the scope of corporate mail security, Broadcom CAS within the Malware&Sandbox content analysis system, Broadcom Web Isolation within the scope of website isolation, Broadcom SSL Visibility Appliance within the scope of SSL Visibility, Broadcom DLP within the scope of data loss prevention, Broadcom EDR within the scope of end-user detection and response, Broadcom EPP within the scope of end-user security and Broadcom encryption solutions within the scope of disk/file/e-mail encryption.

The HCL BigFix endpoint management platform, provide to manage over 100 OS versions to IT operations teams, with empowering continuous compliance and intelligent automation, providing streamlined management processes, tool consolidation and reduced operating costs. Platin Bilişim continues to work with the BigFix solution within the scope of patch management.

TransVault; is an independent software supplier that helps institutions in the sustainability and integration of information archives that can be applied to different platforms and technologies. It offers the most powerful and effective solutions as an e-mail archive migration solution with its team of global level expert partners. Platin Bilişim offers Transvault solutions to its’ customers within the scope of e-mail archive migration.

Continuity; Since 2005, it has been providing data protection solutions in the field of corporate security. AvaliabilityGuard, one of the solutions collected as Platin Bilişim; IT hardware is run on all IT infrastructures, providing comprehensive management, control and automation to ensure the use of services and business continuity. Proactively details incorrect bolts and other faults and provides a detailed protocol for repairing without service interruptions.

Delinea, founded by Thycotic and Centrify, is a security company that determines the security of privileged accounts in our system and network and how they can be used, user authorizations, monitoring / auditing functions and 3rd party access control. Platin Bilişim offers Delinea PAM solution to its customers within the scope of privileged account management.


As Platin Bilişim Human Resources; we believe that our employees are always the greatest power within us and we shape our prospective roadmap accordingly. In this context, one of our primary goals is to be a company that provides the best working conditions, fringe benefits and working environment to its employees in the IT sector.

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