Who We Are?

Platin Bilişim that is a modern technology company provides consultancy, appliances and operational support services.

Platin Bilişim founded in 2001 in İstanbul provides IT Security and availabilty solutions of IBM, Veritas, Symantec, Rapid7, Transvault, Hitachi Vantara, Thycotic, Forescout, Imperva, Gurucul, SailPoint, Darktrace, Lucy, F5  and  Seclore brands.

Incident Forensics

Data Protection

Security Infrastructure Solutions

Enduser and Access Security

Professional Services

Compliance Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Leak Tests - Threat Awareness

Our Strategical Business Partners

We have strategic brand partnerships with leader data protection brands of the world and this covering will be dilated in near future. For the purpose of providing boutique solutions for our customers, we accept our strategical partnerships and target based work as a part of our vision.

Ayhan Bamyacı

"One of the reasons for the presence of the public sector is to fullfill the common needs of the citizens. In the beginning public sector security needs emerged as internal and external security and then with development of the technology data and information security concepts added to these trends. Hereby; public sector’s workload started to rise. Not only governmental decentralization but also political decentralization data security has become a vital importance."

Ayhan Bamyacı General Manager, Platin Bilişim

Pınar Bamyacı

We are facing with a liberal marketplace in the energy industry; hence the importance of the security threat intimidations newly. We are as Platin Bilişim Sales Team, trying to provide the most flexible solutions for our customers. In the end, we would like to make our customers taking services form one point also, to be the one for their maintanence and problem solving processes.

Pınar Bamyacı Sales Director, Platin Bilişim

Mehmet Bayram

Probably you are cultivating your data in many different ways. For instance; all the forms that you are using for recording, all the internet applications, your HR System Records, analytics and e-mail records. In this point you have to start a complianced investing plan with regulations.

Mehmet Bayram Business Development Manager, Platin Bilişim

Can Topay

Your it security teams are solving security problems much more rapidly now! Also they are making much more productive analysis. Resilient that operates more tha n 20 countries, has global customers too. 30 of these customers are Fortune 500 companies.

Can Topay Technology Director, Platin Bilişim

Çiçek Doğan

As Platin Bilişim, we believe targeted management metrics and target stating principles. In addition to that we are using these metrics in our professional life. We are talking about what we need to change and how, so first of all we are focusing on the big picture. We will realize marketing investments in the near future.

Çiçek Doğan ER Consultant, Marketing & Brand Manager, Platin Bilişim

Pınar Bamyacı

We have special mathematical metrics for sales productivity. We set all of these last year and this year we are applicating these formulations to our projects. Our investment frame is very innovative and unique so if you evaluate it 360 degrees; we think that we have an advantage on others.

Pınar Bamyacı Sales Director, Platin Bilişim

Emre Tatar

As Platin Bilişim, we are operating in all the process with the most detailed preworks. In this frame, as a customer friend company when our customers need us we are alongside on time. We have a genial and high quality team and can help you too!

Emre Tatar Support and Operations Manager, Platin Bilişim

Pınar Sarmısak

It is similar that solving a diferantial problem and cyber security case. In a differantial problem, you are using many variable functions and their variables,on data security you must find out all the microscobic threats and try to solve these.

Pınar Sarmısak Systems Engineer, Platin Bilişim

Ozan Özkara

You have to crosscheck your data’s conformity via access security simulations and private access portals on the network. Don’t forget that you are responsible of the data security and integration of your company. Lets try this together!

Ozan Özkara Business Development Manager, Platin Bilişim

Melih Ödemiş

Our business capacity is increasing from day to day howbeit, we are using our power properly. We have optimal opportunities in this period and we are rising out of the ruck via our technical level. We are operating in an extensive area. We will be on the scene in the near future with our innovative product portfolio. We are preparing for providing new opportunities for our business partners. We are on the way for you with our strategies and partners.

Melih Ödemiş Business Development Manager, Platin Bilişim

Elif Yargıcı

As Platin Bilişim, we are serving many customers with our customer friendly understanding . With our innovative product portfolio and flexible price principles we have a large capacity to answer your questions. The key for the sales is the human and these philosophy always go supra-us. Not only before sales but also during and after sales we are answering you at all.

Elif Yargıcı Unit Sales Manager, Platin Bilişim

Murat Gürocak

Platin Bilişim is increasing their operations with a dynamic team and sales staff. Our sales principle is always to provide the best solution and the most optimal products for our customers. Before we are making analysis for you and we are serving you all the best. Sales is a philosophy for us and the vital of this is an understanding you in a correct manner and make solutions.

Murat Gürocak Enterprise Sales Manager, Platin Bilişim