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What's new with EV (Enterprise Vault) 12.4!

We are pleased to announce a new version of a Veritas product that you have, and you have the advantage of upgrading your licenses free of charge in this new version.

To get the latest version update, please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Log into the Veritas Authorization Management System by going to
  2. Sign in and click License.
  3. Click Authorizations (in the Veritas Authority Management System main menu) Click More Options to expand the filters, set the Product Line filter to the corresponding product, and click Apply Filters.
  4. Look for the privileges referring to the version that matches the version specified in the Subject line.
  5. To access your new software and license keys, use the Download Software and Create License buttons in the Actions column.

What's new for our customers?


Azure RMS Decryption

You can now decrypt encrypted Office 365 Journal content using Azure RMS services. Encrypted items can then be fully indexed and used for search and preview. In Discovery Accelerator, you can filter items based on their encryption status, export items, and then resolve them using a new utility called EmlDecryptor.exe.

Centralized configuration for controlling

You can configure the control in the following ways:

  • Enable or disable control of all EV servers on the Site at one time or on individual servers.
  • Use common control categories of all EV servers on the Site.
  • Configure control categories for each EV server individually.

Data support for audit

With this release, you can allow users to obtain audit records from the Enterprise Vault audit database using the Open Data (OData) web service. You can use this information with an OData-compliant reporting tool to properly generate reports. Examples of such reporting tools include Excel / PowerQuery and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

New Powershell cmdlet to set archive permissions

This version adds the PowerShell cmdlet to manage the archive permissions.

  • Get-EVArchivePermission: Returns a list of all users and groups that can access the specified archive.
  • Set-EVArchivePermission: Allows you to grant or deny access permissions to a specific user or group in the specified archive.
  • Remove-EVArchivePermission: Removes access permissions granted or denied to a specific user or group in the specified archive.