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What is QRadar Risk Manager? What are the Uses field?

QRadar Risk Manager is a device used to monitor device configurations, simulate changes in the network environment, and prioritize vulnerabilities in your network. During the evaluation process, you integrate your system through security, risk analysis, and merge and associate your network information, providing full visibility into your network environment. You can also create a portal for your environment, which provides visibility and efficiency that you cannot achieve using manual operations and other product technologies.

QRadar Risk Manager can be accessed from the Admin> Risks tab in the QRadar Console.

QRadar Risk Manager uses the data collected by QRadar. These data are generally data configured from firewall, router, switch or IPS and third-party security resources. Data sources enable QRadar Risk Manager to identify security, policy, and compliance risks on your network.

QRadar Risk Manager alerts you to discovered risks by displaying offense on the Offense tab. Risk data are analyzed and reported by covering all other data that QRadar processes.

You can also use QRadar Risk Manager to query all network connections, compare device configurations, filter your network topology, and simulate the possible effects of updating device configurations.

You can use QRadar Risk Manager to define a set of policies (or questions) related to your network and to track policies for changes. For example, if you want to deny unencrypted protocols in your DMZ, you can define a policy tracking rule to detect unencrypted protocols. The rule returns a list of unencrypted protocols that communicate over the Internet to your DMZ, and you can determine which unencrypted protocols are security risks.