Platin Bilişim has cooperations with the strongest and leader brands. Our target is not only make a difference on our rivals via our certificated and powerful engineer staff but also; providing IT security products and services for our customers from end to end.

Veritas Resiliency Platform

Predictable disaster recovery and flexibility for modern businesses!

Multi-cloud disaster recovery

Resiliency Platform is an integrated solution that supports the workload of applications - independent of location. It can assign different service level targets in multiple application layers and integrate with multiple replication technologies.


  • Deploy the workload to physical, virtual, and cloud platforms.
  • Allows the workload to be moved with a single click to the data center or cloud platforms. Re-creates the workload in the correct order to quickly move up and down.
  • Measures the current risk that exists today and estimates the future risk that may affect your revenue flow.
  • Provides unified management and visibility to reduce fragmentation and increase organizational competence.
  • Manually replaces manual tasks to reduce the impact of people and processes on the job.

Flexibility is not a cost. This is an investment in your business. Resiliency Platorm increases your confidence in your data protection strategy and keeps your data under control.

Automation and Orchestration

Always achieve predictable and proactive flexibility

  • Non-destructive trials do not affect production.
  • Automatic discovery reveals up and down workload dependencies.
  • Provides IT flexibility with a single click on virtual, physical and cloud platforms.


Integrated Visibility


Reduces fragmentation with combined visibility.

Business service perspective eliminates blind spots.

The complexity of comprehensive reports slows your business. Resiliency Accelerate with platform.


Less Time Too Value


Gain work agility across clouds and data centers

  • Simplifies the configuration and installation of IT flexibility components with Guide Me Wizard.
  • Fast delivery means a solution in less than 15 minutes.
  • Industry availability rapidly integrates Amazon Web Services and Azure into your data protection strategy.