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Veritas Information Map

Unstructured Data Analysis and Cloud Management

Learn about your data that is not configured with continuous data visualization.


Reduce risk through data visualization!


Today's institutional environment incorporates highly complex infrastructures. Fast growing, often fragmented and overwhelmingly complicated. Organizations are facing daily questions about whether their data are properly protected, deleted and whether there are cheaper storage opportunities. The Veritas Information Map helps you overcome these challenges by providing an immersive visual experience that gives you a complete picture of your cloud environment and data in your on-premises environment.

  • Collect a comprehensive view of your global information environment
  • Define value fields, risk areas and waste areas.
  • Reduce the cost of unnecessary data storage
  • Prioritize targets for regulatory compliance and security reviews

Get instant visibility!​

Get a full perspective faster than all browsing or directories,

Make sure that 100 million products are displayed in as little as 24 hours,

Provide effective information in cloud environments and other environments, thanks to the large connector footprint,

With the connect center, it is easier to add and manage connectors with a single click.


Illuminate the unknown!


Discover metadata features to reveal the truth hidden in your data,

  • Robust file analysis collects file type, ownership, access, age, location, and more in a single control panel,
  • Guided discovery enables multi-layer data research,
  • Real-time updates ensure continuous monitoring of your environment.

Take action on your data!

Optimize your multiple cloud strategy with better data analysis.


  • Reduce data storage and backup storage requirements to reduce costs and risk,
  • Estimate future protection and storage needs,
  • Collect relevant surface data quickly to meet regulatory and legal demands.

What's New in Information Map!


The wide connector footprint provides multiple cloud data visibility.

Veritas now provides wide visibility in different cloud and legacy data stores. The new Connectivity Center simplifies connector management and provides a framework for future connector insertions and enhancements. The information map that provides visibility to the following cloud repositories:

  • IaaS Storage: Microsoft Azure File and Blob Storage
  • SaaS Storage: Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box
  • Cloud Email and Productivity: Office 365 Exchange and SharePoint, G Suite

In a recent survey, Veritas customers stated that gaining visibility and better understanding of their data is a great value. Therefore, we have designed and optimized the interface of the information map for Easy Visibility. You can collapse, explode, or edit views and information as needed to understand the nature of the data you are viewing.

View data by file server, share, data store, user, or any compound match the dashboard according to the preferred options.