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Veritas E-Discovery Platform 9.0.

Digital Forensics, Investigations and Document Review! Determine your speed according to the solution, gain momentum!

Are you under pressure to respond quickly to legal issues and regulatory demands? The E-discovery Platform is designed for you. We consider the solution very important and have designed a simple and intuitive interface for customers who take this seriously.

  • Carry out legal analysis through analysis, review and production, and distribute a single solution across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle from collections
  • Easily map your entire data scene to find relevant documents and communications
  • Promote advanced analytics and machine learning to reveal critical evidence
  • Reduce manual effort and reduce human error with workflow automation
  • Provide rapid deployment through a hosted system, software, or service as a service

Investigate at World Standards!

Perform complex, iterative eDiscovery processes

Separate related items and prioritize the most important things

Ensuring vulnerability with step-by-step supervision

Take advantage of a distributed architecture configuration to quickly analyze thousands of files


Responding to regulatory requests

Increase accuracy and meet exact deadlines


  • Classify sensitive and personal data, rewrite and add notes to address Subject Access Requests in a vulnerable manner.
  • Use smart Auto Filters and Transparent Search to speed up your increased workload
  • Provide a single window view of the Comprehensive case dashboard, compliance officers' ongoing investigations.

Stop waiting and start collecting!


Save time and IT resources

Eliminate the need to meet IT aggregation requests with an easy-to-use data mapper

Reduce EDiscovery costs by up to 90%

Use pre-collection analytics to improve aggregation response

What's new in EDiscovery Platform 9

Integrated Classification Engine uses expedited review to meet Topic Access Requests

Veritas eDiscovery Platform 9.0 helps you to find, classify, analyze and review your information more than ever before.

  • Automatic data classification enhances data objection and review by prioritizing items with personally identifiable information or sensitive content
  • Bulk Redaction automates data masking to prevent sensitive data leaks during regulatory responses or data generation.
  • Preset Redaction Codes provide consistency in the document review cycle and limit the challenges of review and subjectivity.
  • The Annotation Toolkit improves auditor collaboration and supports a more agile review process.


 The Only Solution for Access Requests!

Classification, speed up the examination of your personal data. Reduce the load of Topic Access Requests with automated and customizable tools. The easy-to-use data map makes it easy to collect personal data from a wide variety of on-premises and cloud data sources. Automatic data classification improves data removal and review by prioritizing the most important data. Advanced search and analysis capabilities ensure that both explicit and confidential personal data is available. Robust inspection and proofreading tools allow easy preparation of regulatory intervention.