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Transvault Archive & Mail Migrator

The Enterprise Vault has been developed under the Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP) to offer upgrades and restructuring.

TransVault is the ideal solution for you if you want to migrate into Enterprise Vault from a completely different platform, or reorganize your existing Enterprise Vault archive. You can also use Symantec Enterprise Vault Cloud or TransVault Migrator for Office 365.

Working with Platin Bilişim, one of the expert partners of Enterprise Vault, you can be sure of a fast, trouble-free transition!

Why you need TransVault?

  • Meets existing archive solution requirements.
  • It helps when you want to upgrade from previous versions.
  • Resolves the need for portable and scalable data.
  • It adapts to an organization that uses a different archiving system.
  • Allows data transfer between EV domains.
  • Enterprise Vault makes it easy to migrate to cloud or Office 365
  • Helps to move IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange

How fast can we carry our archives?

We are proud to say that Transvault is the fastest e-mail archive transport solution.

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