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Thycotic Secret Server

Protect passwords and authorized accounts with Secret Server!

Thycotic Secret Server is the easiest and most economical way to discover your company’s privileged account passwords, provide its security and management. This leads Thycotic to be an only cyber security software option for our many customers.

  • Secret Server is a scaled secret management safe box for companies which want to have a high-level security without experiencing a complicated situation. This is the easiest and fastest way to establish a scalable password management safe box with a reasonable price.
  • Save, share, change, follow, obtain password usage logs and use passwords in a safe and centralized way

Manage and Organize​

Create, share and automatically change corporate passwords. Assign user acceptances in a random level and follow the password usage with a complete audit report. Organize secrets on intuitive and nested folders and edit all secrets in a simple, customizable dashboard.

Real-Time Management​

You can inform your department in real-time when you change network passwords, organize your Password Changer’s and specialize your alerts. Identity information is always up-to-date and when one manager changes the password, you can rapidly learn it. You can obtain easy and fast access with the integration of Active Directory and other magnificent integration options. RDP / PuTTY Launcher, iPhone, Android-Blackberry applications, Firefox plugins, CRM integration, Cisco and SIEM. Also, you can transfer identity information from other applications.

High-Level Security

More than one high-level security feature needed for secure corporate password management. You can get all of them with Secret Server: AES 256 encrypting, Two Factor Authentication, passwords with 100 characters, special workflow approves, active session tracking, SIEM integration and more. Also, you can provide extra security with unique DoubleLock.

Basic Compatibility

Compatibility has an important place on corporate password management. You can use Secret Server to help on reaching your companies compatibility of SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Basel II, MASS Regulation 201 CMR 17 and much more.


Adobe’s Privileged Account Management Solution – Thycotic Secret Server from Thycotic on Vimeo.