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Thycotic-Cyclance Integration

Privileged access management solutions and AI-based, leader, preventive security solutions provider Thycotic, which served to over 10.000 companies world-wide, have announced the integration of CylancePROTECT with Thycotic.

CylancePROTECT uses AI to stop and prevent malwares’ illegal takeover processes on system resources. Privilege Manager provides SOC employee’s to adapt, watch, puts into effect and prove with rigorous application and privileged access security policies. CylancePROTECT and Privilege Manager work together and prevent malicious strategies. Also it avoids endpoints to execute a malicious software. By this way, organizational risk is decreased and the operational productivity is optimized.

Didi Dayton who is the vice president of worldwide channel and troops stated that “Security specialists can view CynipPROTECT’s thread points from Privilege Manager’s board. Also, it can start coordinated, enterprise-scale responses from updating the quarantine lists to disconnect problematic endpoints for offline analysis.” He added: “CylancePROTECT and Privilege Manager ensure that only legitimate applications are allowed to be used and that the data accessed by these applications comply with the built-in security policies.”

Cylance always make a protection with inhibiting malicious, unauthorized and non-preferred applications with including stop process of attacks which don’t have any files. Now AI-based intelligence and help desk of Cylance which can be accessed with Privilege Manager, provides a special-designed and simplified console appearance to make a decision. It includes an integrity of workflow for application control, general list management, reputation monitoring and compelling use cases.

Jai Dargan who is the vice-president of product management in Thycotic stated that, “Partnership with Cylance provides users to control the applications’ security in real time and work with least privileged model at the same time. Before application, Privileged Manager will send an appeal to confirm the reputation to make sure that endpoint users are not blocked in their business. After that Privileged Manager can execute a clear application or if application is detected as a malware, it can add into the blacklist. Flexible rule set provides automation of applications and create a solution that applies at least privilege security model.”

The solutions that are offered by technology of Cylance + Thycotic Integration includes items in below:

  • Application Execution Control: Blocking applications with malware that may reach to confidential data is a pre-requisite to obtain a robust security posture. CylancePROTECT and Privilege Manager combine and correlate information about applications that are executed in environment. The target on this process is that they want to provide required and detailed information for security teams to have an effective forensic analysis and incident response. CylanceProtect threat detail page can be reached by a click with the link which can be found on Privilege Manager panel. At this page, security analysts can quickly evaluate suspicious files that can be identified into the blacklist or whitelist.
  • Reputation Reporting: Security analysts should move around between multiple applications to determine whether if the endpoints and applications are secure or not. Also, security analysts should spend time between applications to aggregate thread enquiry data’s. CylancePROTECT uses AI to block threads in a proactive way and take a prevention-based security position.  This allows individuals who has interference with the incident to carry out an investigation in a low-risk situation and analyzing collective data to make rapid decisions. To prevent more threats that can be caused by corporate accounts or endpoints that are suspicious, access permissions can be changed rapidly. So, the risk of infection in the system can be reduced.