Platin Bilişim has cooperations with the strongest and leader brands. Our target is not only make a difference on our rivals via our certificated and powerful engineer staff but also; providing IT security products and services for our customers from end to end.

Symantec Web Isolation

Web Isolation is a new threat prevention approach.
  • Provide secure access to the uncategorized and risky sites
  • Protect your privileged users
  • Avoid Phishing and Ransomware attacks 


Fireglass Web Isolation

  • Established in 2014.
  • In leading position at Threat Isolation Market.


  • Provides Malware protection for Web & Mail.
  • Works integrated with Secure Web Gateway (ProxySG, ASG, VSWG) to have secure access into the Uncategorized and Risky sites.
  • Also, it works integrated with Symantec SMG for Email Security.
  • Works both at on-prem and Cloud environment.
  • SMG, (Integrated with Symantec Cloud solutions)
Web Isolation in the Market:

Web Isolation is a new threat prevention approach,

It is named as a Remote Browsing. However, it includes larger usage areas.

Gartner predicts that more than 50% of businesses adopt a web isolation solution.

%90 percent of Cyber Attacks come over Web and Email traffic.