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Symantec Information Centric Tagging- ICT

Classify, tag and protect your sensitive data! Authorize users on the protection and determination of which data is really sensitive.

Classify your data!

Symantec Information Centric Tagging (ICT) provides employees to apply different classification levels into the data. This develops user’s current data protection solutions like Data Loss prevention and uses context information that are forced to define real sensitive data. Data Classification integrates into the lead production application’s user interface by allowing employees to easily apply one classification tag. Symantec ICT offers more precise data discovering outputs, reduces “wrong negativities”, steers decisions on the topic of data protection and increases adoptability on corporate data protection policies and user awareness.


Better Data Protection!

Symantec ICT is being integrated with industry leader DLP (Symantec Data Loss Prevention) for automatizing improvement controls and retaining sensitive data automatically. ICT provides protection of your company’s valuable information and content with Symantec DLP as well as protection that based on user’s classification with allowing user based data classification. DLP and BIT can automatically trigger suitable protection response with depending on data classification level which includes encrypting and watermarking.

  • Combine user-oriented classification with Symantec DLP which has latest technology for defining sensitive data.
  • Trigger suitable protection according to classification level and also including document-e-mail watermark and encryption. 




Classify One-Time, Protect In Everywhere!

Symantec ICT allows classification when user’s sensitive data are created. Direct integration with Knowledge-based-Encryption (ICE) allows sensitive data to wrap into protection that keeps unwanted viewers in safe which even come from the network. This provides protection of data during their life-cycle.

User-oriented data classification triggers encryption which follows data during life-cycle

Decryption is controlled with user identity verification and provides control on which users (directly or 3rd

Party) exactly access.

Watch data access of document during its existence which has data access cancelling feature with independent on data’s hiding place.