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Symantec Endpoint Protection-Mobile

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile

It helps businesses on the topics of malware software, vulnerability prediction, detection and prevention to protect them from mobile cyber attacks​.


The SANS Institute: Mobile devices are used as connected to the internet more than little pc’s. These devices paradigm of study requires new approaches that provide protection of processed data when it protects productivity.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile's risk based mobile security approach gives priority to the mobile users experiences, confidentiality and productivity when it advocates users against the threats that are being exposed to security, theft and manipulation risk.

Some of many active protection that makes mobile devices and their accessed sensitive information secure:

  • Protect sensitive corporate resources
  • Avoid malware applications uploading process
  • End detected malicious processes
  • Help to block corporate Wi-Fi access from unsecured devices.
  • Help to block command and control access communication from known malicious to server

Symantec is being located in the field of Mobile Threat Management and also among the leaders on IDC MarketScape.

Holistic, Layered Mobile Security

Symantec Endpoint Protection has now the most developed current mobile security technology that underlies at the mobile applications, cloud-based servers, protection functions and alerts.  When many mobile security provider only focuses on one threat vector or analysis layer, Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile researchers know the best way to protect mobile devices is to think like hackers, provide protection against all mobile threat vector at the same time and establish a multi-layered system. 

The SANS Institute: Determines four mobile threat vector for comprehensive Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution to protect it against things at below:

  • Physical attacks
  • Vulnerability exploits
  • Malicious apps
  • Network attacks

Automated Protection, Not Just Detection

Most Mobile Threat Defense solutions are passive tools that sends notification about detection of suspicious activities and trusts 3rd party solution like “EMM” for making any process to protect corporate data.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile responses in a real-time against many detected threats and deliberate actions. It uses machine learning for protecting mobile devices and their connected resources.