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Solera – Security Analytics Platform

Enterprises, service providers, government agencies, and financial institutions are under constant cyber attack. Today’s advanced threats, targeted attacks, andcustom malware evade traditional security infrastructure and signature-based tools.

Lack of visibility and situational awareness further complicate discovery and containment of attacks. To effectively defend and protect information assets from advanced targeted attacks, organizations need the full visibility provided by Big Data security intelligence and analytics.

In addition, organizations have found it difficult to deploy security solutions that enable complete security visibility and also deliver adequate performance and scalability to meet the requirements of ever-increasing volumes of network traffic across the operational domain. An effective security analytics solution must:

  • Provide real-time threat intelligence, Big Data security analytics and complete security visibility that scales to any size organization-from data center to remote offices 
  • Deliver high performance and optimized storage capacity to meet growing network traffic demands
  • Integrate with existing security infrastructure to leverage investments in security tools and established processes and workflow


Security Analytics Appliances by Solera are turnkey solutions that are preconfigured to deliver complete network security visibility, situational awareness and post-breach security right out of the box. They feature award-winning Solera Security Analytics Software, which captures, indexes, classifies, and enriches all network traffic in real time with threat intelligence data. Data is stored in a purposebuilt, patented database and file system for rapid analysis, instant retrieval, and complete reconstruction. 

Security Analytics Appliances can be deployed anywhere in the network: at the perimeter or the core, 10 GbE backbones, or remote links to deliver clear, actionable intelligence for real-time situational awareness, continuous monitoring, advanced malware detection, incident response and resolution, data loss monitoring and analysis, organization policy compliance, and security assurance.

Security Analytics Appliances are the only completely integrated solution for Big Data security analytics and advanced threat protection, providing:

Application Classification
More than 1,200 applications and thousands of descriptive, metadata attributes, including content types, file names, and more are classified for easy analysis and recall. 

Real-time Threat Intelligence
Blue Coat ThreatBLADES integrate directly with Solera Security Analytics Appliances and leverage the Blue Coat WebPulse Collaborative Defense Cloud to deliver instant, actionable intelligence on threats delivered via web, file or advanced malware.

Layer 2 to 7 Analytics
The Security Analytics Platform provides a variety of analytics tools such as complete session reconstruction, data visualization, Root Cause Explorer, timeline analysis, file and object reconstruction, IP geolocation, and trend analysis.

Context-aware Security
The appliances integrate with best-of-breed security technologies to pivot directly from any alert or log and obtain full-payload detail and evidence of the full source and scope of the event—before, during and after the breach.

Root Cause Explorer
This effective incident responder tool uses extracted network objects to reconstruct a timeline of suspect web sessions, emails, and chat conversations.

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