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QRadar STIX - QRadar TAXII

QRadar STIX ( Structured Threat Information Expression)+ QRadar TAXII (Trusted Automated Exchange of Intelligence Information)

QRadar STIX (Structured Threat Information Expression)

STIX is a standard for understanding cyber threat intelligence (CTI) concept and managing organization. Security committees provide better understanding of computer-based attacks so that they can respond more quickly and effectively.

QRadar TAXII (Trusted Automated Exchange of Intelligence Information)

TAXII is an API-enabled communication protocol that enables organizations to connect and communicate on HTTPS in the Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence concept.

TAXII is designed to support the exchange of STIX-generated data in the CTI concept.

The STIX / TAXII plugin can be downloaded and used as a Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence application plug-in on the Qradar SIEM central log collection unit. After entering the necessary information for the TAXII data collection during the configuration, it will provide the necessary support in the system to create the necessary defense mechanism by the other Cyber ​​Defense Committees specified by the other Cyber ​​Defense Committees.