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QRadar & Network Visibility (QFlow QNI-Network Insights)


QFLOW: IBM QRADAR SIEM, unlike any other SIEM product available on the market, integrates network traffic data in OSI-Layer7 with the integrated Q-FLOW Collector solution, and provides enriched correlation with your existing log data on your SIEM system with standard logging.

The Q-FLOW Collector sets the traffic characteristics of your company by capturing your Network Traffic and with anomaly detection provides the possibility of conducting behavioral detection in the environment traffic.



QNI (Qradar Network Insights): Unlike Qflow; The Qradar Network Insights solution is called a network tap device that can parse all the flow data, user, protocol, content and metadata of your network. This solution, which is integrated with your Qradar SIEM product, provides an enriched correlation in the sense of alarm and rule by transmitting all the streamed data to the SIEM solution.


What can QNI do?

  • Collect basic threat indicators from network traffic in real time with full visibility of network traffic,
  • Easily detecting and analyzing advanced threats, phishing emails, malware, data leakage, and lateral movements, DNS and other application abuse and compliance gaps,
  • It may selectively collect activities related to applications, assets, works and users for long-term retrospective analysis.
  • It can reveal hidden risks and threats with its historical correlation ability.
  • Records application activities and can identify assets, applications, and users participating in network communication.

What are the achievements with QNI?

  • It detects known threats or risks that allow security teams to collect the content required for security analysis of previously unknown threats.
  • It provides the security teams with the ability to process, extract and analyze the contents of the package load.
  • Provides flexibility in design to selectively extract the required content based on security use cases
  • QRadar’s App. With the Extension Content feature, the out-of box provides many rules and report analyzes to the user.