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QRadar Console

It is the main module for managing Log and Flow views, reports, Offenders, asset data and admin functions. All modules have a single interface and can be viewed from the QRadar Console. One of the most essential tasks is to manage Qradar Deployment devices from a hub.

According to the size of the systems, Qradar has different structures. These are All In One Architecture and Distributed Architecture. All In One includes the Console, Processor and Collector on the same device. In the distributed structure, each component is positioned on different devices. Companies prefer one of these structures according to their size.



In All in One systems, data collection, processing and storage takes place on a single appliance. For distributed systems, the Qradar Console does not monitor the processing and storage of data. Instead, the Qradar Console allows users to make calls they want, report these calls, receive alarms with the rules they set, and interpret these alarms.