Platin Bilişim has cooperations with the strongest and leader brands. Our target is not only make a difference on our rivals via our certificated and powerful engineer staff but also; providing IT security products and services for our customers from end to end.

ProxySG S200/S400/S500

Control over web and cloud usage • Negative daily threat defense • Multiple identity verification region support • Visibility for encrypted traffic • Integration with improved threat protection • Accelerated cloud application performance!

You don’t welcome anything that decelerates you for adapting into today’s competitive environment. When it provides optimum performance of your user’s critical applications for work at network, web, and cloud against highly cost cyber threats. ProxySG S200, S400 and S500 offers comprehensive protection and performance that you require to promote your business. Proxy SG which is the most secure Security Network Gateway in the world that is used from Fortune 500’s more than %70, is a basic value for any corporate’s security architecture for cloud creation. 

Highest Web Security Level is Possible!

ProxySG combines large feature set that protects your company from threats and sophistication which are increasing day-by-day at your web traffic. When ProxySG sits between users and their interaction with internet, it examines content for describing malware loads. Then, it takes care of filtering, dividing into the strips, blocking and changing the web content for preventing data loss and reducing the risks. ProxySG offers these thing:


Negative Day Threats Defending!​

ProxySG provides real-time web content rating and preferable cloud intelligence for protecting your company from newest threats. Symantec’s cloud-based Global Intelligence Network feeds current and valueable informations about newest risks at analytic engines for accelerating responses to the web based threats. New web request which comes more than one billion in one day, are collected and analyzed from more than 15.000 corporate customers and billions of end users.


Strong User Verification!

ProxySG has the largest support for identity verification sellers in sector to easily integrate new users.      

As a result, Symantec usually prevents more than 4 billion unseen and unclassified threats for protecting ProxySG flow. New defense systems can be seamlessly added into Global Intelligence Network for scaling protection deep when it required.


Visibility for Encrypted Traffic

ProxySG includes SSLProxy which provides visibility for SSL traffic. So, ProxySG can securely send appendixes and contents for observing services. It is based on SSL Proxy abilities to send encrypted content flow to the 3rd party systems for archiving, forensic medicine, licensable feature and encrypted touch. They remove SSL blind spots together and it provides complete control and visibility over SSL encrypted traffic to use SSL for hiding SSL applications, malware applications, malware softwares and cyber attacks activities.


Integrate with Improved Threat Protection at Industry!

ProxySG seamlessly executes with the best technologies which includes various producer’s anti-malware, anti-virus (AV), and black list and white list engines like static code analysis, sandbox and sandbox brokering. ProxySG securely provides data loss prevention with DLP partners which are certicated over standard ICAP or S-ICAP.


Web and Cloud Usage Control!​

ProxySG provides controlling your sensitive content. ProxySG provides you to describe cloud applications and reduce existed risks. %80 of employees from unacknowledged “shadow IT” use software as a software applications without the knowledge of employer. Web Application Policy Engine provides detailed visibility and control over all web applications in use.


Accelerated Cloud Application Performance!

ProxySG provides content caching and traffic optimization for locating your critical cloud applications when your users require to have it. Bandwidth offers improved bandwith management with method level controls and per protocol flow environment dividing for helping you to optimize your inverstment’s general performance, productivity and capacity.


Hybrid Distribution Model!​

Symantec’s industry leading web protection can be used as one corporate (ProxySG), virtual device (SG – VA) and cloud service (Web Security Service).


Unique Performance and Trustworthy!

ProxySG provides output until 2.5Gbps for high usability distribution. Hardware platforms and operating system (SGOS) executed at the performance levels beyond the competition year-by-year for fast and productive web object processing. Secure and little designed ProxySG rarely requires attention or patches. Watching health controls provide administrator awareness and Symantec Management Center provde centeral device, licence and policy management.




Scalable and Low TCO!

ProxySG offers lower TCO with its performance innovations which requires less hardware, shelf space and power than alternative solutions. Usable report scales for all secure web network gateway and remote user’s visibility, optimized one server for daily line until 20.000 with reports and dashboards.