Platin Bilişim has cooperations with the strongest and leader brands. Our target is not only make a difference on our rivals via our certificated and powerful engineer staff but also; providing IT security products and services for our customers from end to end.

Platin Rule Library

What should we do to create an effective security infrastructure? What are the steps after SIEM when entering the Incident Response and SOC processes? What should be the security approach for correct alarming and correlation?

Platin Information Rule Library Service determines the scenarios appropriate to your organization's needs and attack vectors after the SIEM integration in the security life cycle, and applies the SIEM regulations (normalization and resource regulation) required to implement these scenarios with the best practice principle.

With Cyber Kill Chain methodology, it integrates the scenarios analyzed to your system.


The Platin Rule Library service keeps you up-to-date on your SIEM system by regularly monitoring emerging security trends. With the Platinum Rule Library service;

  • Increase in the effectiveness of your alarms,
  • Non-Issue and False Positive Decrease in the number of alarms,
  • Incident Response Management and SOC processes aim to provide the fundamental coverage.