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NetBackup Client Direct Deduplication

With NetBackup client direct data deduplication (also known as client-side deduplication), the client hosts the extension that replicates the backup data.

NetBackup client software creates an image of files that are backed up for normal backup. Then, the deduplication plugin splits the backup image into sections and compares the sections to all sections stored in this deduplication node. The plugin then sends only unique partitions to the NetBackup Deduplication Engine on the storage server. The engine writes data to a Media Server Data Duplicating Repository.


Client deduplication provides the followings:


Reduces network traffic. The client sends only unique file segments to the storage server. Duplicate data is not sent over the network.

Deploy some data deduplication process loads to clients from the storage server. (NetBackup does not balance the load between customers; each customer singularizes its own data.)


NetBackup Client Deduplication provides a solution in the following situations:


The remote office or branch makes backups to the data center.

NetBackup provides flexible network connections for remote office backups.

LAN-linked file server virtual machine backups.

Same time,

Client-side data deduplication is also a useful solution if a client host has unused CPU cycles or if the storage server or load-balancing servers are overloaded.