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Netbackup 8.1.2

NetBackup 8.1.2 “Enterprise Backup Solution"

Future Features with NetBackup 8.1.2!

Introduction to a simple, web-based user interface with optimized workflows.


  • Secure, role-based management with access control and audit tracking.
  • Restore files on virtual machines without agents
  • Edit snapshots of cloud workloads at AWS, Microsoft, and Google.
  • Automate provisioning and ticket creation with extensive REST API libraries.
  • Automatically updates and more.
  • Real-time usage and consumption reporting via Smart Meter.

Unified data protection for cloud, virtual, physical, and modern workloads.

The data is growing rapidly and more is being more fragmented in the clouds, virtual environments, and ever-changing application platforms. Unified data protection is the only way that your IT organization can deliver the required service levels; limits cost and risk; data in the company or in the cloud.

  • Eliminate the complexity of point solutions and infrastructure management.
  • Precise scale to reduce spiral storage costs and expand to the cloud.
  • Protect the most challenging large data and hyper-unified environments.
  • Simplify management tasks for any user, up to a few clicks.
  • Deliver operations as a service to simplify operations and improve service levels.

Scale workloads and scale in protection

Modern protection for Big Data, hyper converged and open source

New generation workloads increase digital enterprise. They leave the traditional data protection behind and produce a lot of data. The new NetBackup Parallel Streaming offers a modern, parallel streaming architecture to protect the most demanding, multi-node workloads with optional, add-in simplicity.

Fast backup and recovery with agentless architecture

Protect hundreds of data nodes with petabyte-scale

Quick add-on development accelerates adoption of new workload

Dynamically scale performance to meet the demands of modern-scale workloads

Support for Nutanix, Hadoop, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgresSQL, SQLite and more.