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Mail Threat Defence – Mail ATP

Mail is still one of the most-exploited attack vectors, yet in the face of this fact, very little innovation has been delivered by vendors focused on securing the email environment. That changes with Blue Coat Mail Threat Defense, which is designed to protect against email-borne malware in links and attachments that are activated by unsuspecting end users.

Deployed inline as a cloud-based service, a premise-based appliance, or a virtual appliance, Blue Coat Mail Threat Defense extracts malicious email content prior to delivery and without disrupting the existing message flow. Mail Threat Defense integrates seamlessly within the Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection ecosystem and supplements existing email security tools. Further, as enterprises steadily migrate essential business communication services to the cloud and as users access those resources remotely from a multitude of devices, Mail Threat Defense helps keep cloud-based email interactions secure and protects devices from email threats well before they reach the user.

Expose More Email Threats with Blue Coat’s Mail Threat Defense System

Mail Threat Defense blocks the email propagation of advanced threats and automatically delivers never-before-seen, unique, and zero-day malware for sandbox detonation, comprehensive analysis, and targeted risk scoring. It crawls embedded file attachments and URL links for malware, then takes appropriate action based on corporate security policy.

Positioned inline after the SPAM filter, Mail Threat Defense integrates with other email security solutions, preserving and enhancing the value of prior electronic mail security investments. The solution supports traditional premise-based mail servers and cloud-based email services including Office 365 and Google Apps for Work (business Gmail).

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