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IBM X-Force Threat Management

Data security is increasingly important in business life. From small and medium-sized companies to large corporate companies, almost all companies are currently developing various policies for data security and trying to take advantage of security intelligence solutions. However, lack of resources stands out as a generally overlooked point. IBM X-Force makes a significant difference in this area. IBM X-Force delivers a fast and integrated platform to stop online threats, but also as a platform for collaboration and sharing of attack intelligence.

The IBM X-Force is based on attack intelligence that shapes the IBM Intrusion Protection System and is made compatible with 3rd party security devices. In addition, it is designed for future STIX and TAXII 3rd party integrations.

In today's firms, we see that security perception has improved but because of the fact that the source analysis is not done correctly, there is a problem in security intelligence deployments. In addition, the security solutions used in companies have different resource uses, thus slowing down the flow of information, making it very difficult to provide an effective data protection environment. In this sense, IBM X-Force provides a significant change in the industry. It is extremely important to see security perception as a complete approach and to make a comprehensive security risk analysis in corporate companies. In this sense, IBM X-Force makes a significant difference in the industry. Risky zone identification can be made through the X-Force Platform, and companies can receive significant support in critical resource utilization. It is obvious that this solution will make a big difference in security intelligence especially in corporate companies.

With the IBM X-Force, 35 billion cyber security events can be provided daily. The platform has real-time attack information collected from 270,000 data providers. IBM X-Force is one of the world's largest databases with a very high number of registered databases. It has a deep security intelligence over 8 million spam and threats. The platform also has a strong visibility and reputation with over 860 million bad IP detection.