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Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)

As the archive data on Enterprise Vault grows, it becomes difficult to back up and manage data. The Hitachi Content Platform, which is used by many companies globally, provides flexibility in managing and backing up large archive data.

With Hitachi Content Platform (Object Storage),

  • “HCP makes secure item secure” with Object storage. If any logic corruption occurs, there is always a second copy.
  • Makes self-healing on the 2nd copy if an item is corrupted.
  • There is no backup cost. (It is always recommended to run 2 nodes.)
  • Other storage solutions have a hidden backup cost.
  • The Enterprise Vault can understand the data stored on the HCP without having to access the backup mode.
  • Automatic Disaster Recovery can do. It can access DR site without any IP or name changes.
  • WORM works.
  • It provides an easy expandable and flexible object storage and layer.

Data Migration

Since 2010, it has been quite comfortable to transfer data from Object Storage to another platform of Data Migration firms which have increased in the market. "Data Migration" on which Transvault leading company in the data archive Platinum IT projects with business partners in Turkey Object Storage is another who has moved to a CIFS or reference in the field.

Platinum Informatics and Transvault references provide confidence in the portability of data in Object Storage.

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