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F5 Networks Doing Things After Learning

Going into the parameters that are located inside Application Security. Learned parameters will be listed in there. Finding the adjusted values inside each parameter.


            Data type must be handled by observing information like length of values that comes into the parameter and meta character values that are used inside parameter.

            Second important element is URL controlling. It is done by going into URL part that is located inside of the aplication security and URL values can be controlled from. Configuration of meta character adjustment is also done in there which is going to be used inside URL.

          Finally, the file types are checked. This field is accessed from file types tab which resides under application security. Values such as length of request of file that is learned, the length of the post data, the length of the query string should be checked in this area and if necessary they should be amended and taken into effect.

         If a random parameter which ASM module isn’t able to learn with Policy Builder method, file type or URL exist, these descrptions can be provided with manually writing “create”.