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F5 Networks APM Access Types

Three different access types can be configured on APM • Network Access • Web Applications • Web Application Access Management

Configuration elements for these access types are aligned in the table below.

Network Access

   Network access provides a fully encrypted VPN tunnel from client system to back-up end servers. It performs client processes inside corporate LAN by defining client machine as a virtual in company network. It can configure limitation lists with ACL for accesses which is done over management tunnel. It requires Webtop and network resource description for configuring this basic network access.


Web Applications

  Web application connections provide configuration for one or more internal web applications as a remote access connection. It provides users to reach internal web applications over one external virtual server. It requires a laptop and a web application resource description for web application configuration.


Web Application Access Management

It provides web application access management, authentication control, load balancing web applications in LTM side, access control and client-side security.

 It is necessary to have an access profile, access policy and pool-attended virtual server on LTM side to make a description of web application access management.