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F5 Networks Access Policy Manager Features

APM BIG-IP is a software component of a hardware platform. This module makes secured connections with servers, certain web applications or all corporate network.

Access Policy Manager provides and controls users and their access to the indigenous resources without needing any change or configuration on user’s system.


  • Standard web browser support: Access Policy Manager can be used with standard browsers that supports secure HTTP or HTTPS. These are Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.
  • Privacy: Access Policy Manager supports mutual encryption technologies with including RC4, Triple DES and AES. Access Policy Manager uses standard SSL encryption for client browser.
  • Authentication: You can make identity verification, authorization and accounting with using standard AAA methods of Access Policy Manager. LDAP directories, Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Windows Alan servers, RADIUS servers and HTTP identity verification are supported.
  •  Client-side checks: APM provides diversified amount of client side checking. These are; support on browser cache cleaner, secure virtual keyboard and many anti-virüs and firewall packets.

  • Visual Policy Editor: Access Policy Manager provides a graphical settled policy editor that supports visual audit for observing security access policies.
  • Management: APM supports web-based configuration. These configurations are secure access configuration, sresource generation and assignment, certificate production and loading and user remote client interface specialization.
  • Web application access management: You can configure identity verification and access control for web application behind local traffic virtual server LTM and provide it with APM. There can be created an access policy for new or current virtual access (LTM virtual server) to provide protection of endpoint. You can do this with using web application access management.
  • Network Access: You can configure a network access VPN connection for having remote acess with APM. There can be generated an exact VPN connection to the local network resources with the creation of access policy and LTM server, usage of Network Access feature.
  • Web Application Access: You can configure a remote access connection for one or more internal web applications. It is provided for the endpoint users to reach into internal web applications over one external virtual server with the creation of an access policy and LTM virtual server.
  • Audit trial: Provides audit tool for full session control. It also allows specialized reporting and querying.
  • Client Support: It includes web client support for many different system that include Macintosh and Linux.
  • BIG-IP Edge Client: Provides independent secure client connection with APM BIG-IP Edge client feature.