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VIP two-factor authentication

Sophisticated network attacks have rendered simple password authentication insufficient to protect an organization against unauthorized access to its network and applications.

Two-phased identity verification is a new concept. Now it is a mature and proven method on the topic of corporate data protection. However, most conventional 2FA solutions are concentrated on most traditional perspectives like card carrying softwares at software. In addition to this, many on-premise application efforts have high costs and they require big integration efforts-administrative support.

The basic thing that today's organizations need is manageable services that offers identity verification options and combines a strong 2FA with industrial integration. A correctly positioned manageable services support offers advantage solutions for SaaS. Inside these solutions, lower costs as a hardware and software provides maginificent integration to your current infrastructure with less software labor force, scalable strucuture, reliability, long-periodicallity and SLA’S.   

Even identity verification options suit to the traditional two-phased 2FA models, companies start to see on all applications which of the following is correct for them with the models like biometric and profiling. One of them is the identity verification system without cards for IT companies. According to Gartner report, more than %30 of companies would use labor force and adaptable techniques on the topics of remote access at the end of 2017.

Stateful Identity Verification without Card

Increasingly, corporates search ways to adapt identity verification without card to increase user experience and reduce costs. Now IT employees understand that all identity verification types are not required to need dynamic security code like mobile verification information and hardware cards. Also, Symantec™ Verification and Identity Protection Service includes hardware based description features like (VIP) system without card, option of verifying fingerprint on device and user behavior risk analysis.

Attractiveness of identity verification without card greatly simplifies user experience by exempting 2nd user verification. User’s perception is at the point that having only simple password and username are enough for accessing to the network. 

Beyond all of this, Verification and Identity Protection Service makes processes alone like computer tagging, entrance behavior analysis feature extracting and entrance profile analysis performing. All these cardless combinations provide entrance security that includes proven reality. These combinations do this with combining username and password with complicated device analysis-behaviour analysis. Symantec™ Verification and Identity Protection Intelligent identity verifying system (risk-based verification) analyzes possible threats and extracts user behavior analysis by making full risk analysis on device. It can draw the user's normal login and behavior profile for users.

For Instance, it can normally describe a user’s entrance place and device. An attack analysis can aggregate data from Symantec’s other solutions.

For example, it can establish correlations with networks which can describe today’s most spread attacks like Global Intelligence Network. When entrance behavior is normal, an easy password can be acceptable. However, when an entrance action can be realized that can include suspicious conditions from unknown device or environment, user is informed with a writing, e-mail or voice information. Because intelligent cards doesn’t have a system like biometric cards. Also, cost is lower and user experience is like a traditional username and password information in terms of user experience in spite of it is complication in the background. Identity verification without card is appropriate for the administrators that doesn’t want to spend time on accessing to the network and have time problem.

Cardless option is being preferable for the companies that are active at the vertical markets. It is also a preferable choice for the educators because of its low cost and ease of use.

Strong and More Intelligent Identity Verification and ID Protection

Now many company have an important number of employee that access to the office from mobile devices and outside. However, usernames and passwords aren’t protected devices against unauthorized access. Most of companies adapted the 2FA but this system is used by a few number of employee that require to automatically access into sensitive company data.

Why it is like this way? Because users are rejecting to put up with complicated 2FA processes workload. Even these processes are being perceived as extra workload for IT employees and teams. Most of times, this type of on-premise solutions are so expensive and processes that require to have extra infrastructure investment. Whereas IT teams focus on rather long time period and scalability features.  

Verification and Identity Protection Service solves the problems on the topic of protecting mobile labor force and has advantage with regard to many on premise 2FA system. In short, Verification and Identity Protection service also provides all features of security system which is cloud-based, strong, more intelligent and effective. Managable services include lower cost and more scalable.

Because, it does not require any infrastructure investment that needs on-site installation. When it offers strong identity verification, it comes into prominence by being more flexible. Cost advantage solution makes it attractive as well as its adapatable feature to the different risk models and policies at the same time. It is usable and it can be integrated to VPN’s, data warehouses and web mail programs. Because of it doesn’t include password, it reduce the workload of IT employees by providing personal service options. Verification system of VIP service works over one portal. User can test them alone, change their names or remove them. You don’t need to get help from any support call.

Corporates can reduce %75 of their IT costs with VIP service. When CitriX system is installed, about %60 of cost reduction occurred. According to Gartner report, %30 of support line calls are about solution of password source problems. VIP service provides the selection of different models according to user device or case. Yet, today’s labor force is mobile, many employee prefers mobile access. However, most of them are encrypted. One of the best advantageous solution is VIP service on cardless systems.

Symantec Verification and Identity Protection Service


Verification and identity protection service reduces unauthorized access risk, protects data and ensures that security problems are resolved.      2FA is a solution that has a sector leader position at both corporate network and cloud based for securing companies data and applications.  Your company obtains both corporate security solution and cloud based security solution by installing Symantec VIP.


Because VIP security system can offered at cloud. Therefore, it provides to decrease costs that relates to the hardware and software resources. Different scales can be offered with needs changing. You won't have a capacity out problem. Because it is a conventional on-premise service.


Sometimes success is defined according to your fastest request response. You don’t lose time with new server setup, operation systems and new applications with the usage of Symantec VIP services. Everything offered is ready to use and installed. It provides competition advantage. Because it is suitable for all cloud-based services.


Symantec VIP service offers extraordinary flexibility because of its ability to disable the password feature like in biometric devices and mobile phones. It offers different identity verification options for corportations to choose the best executable method. Users or corporations can choose one of the options like single-used password, security codes without card, non-encrypted usage, biometric fingerprint or risk based identity verification. Whatever they choose, it is an effective solution and strong identity verification for users and corporations with its 2FA cost advantages and flexible structure.


Verification and Indentity Protection Service is increasingly being smart and it formed as a user-friendly style. Identity verification option without card, sophisticate device analysis and intelligent identity verification behavior analysis offer simpler system for user. Of course it provides a strong Symantec corporate protection. It facilitates users’ work with risk based identity verification option, diagnoses and blocks risky enterance actions.


VIP application is integrated with Symantec Global infrastructure.  It directly offers tier-4 data protection levels like the security level that is used in military. Symantec internet infrastructure daily takes 30 billion interaction into the protection.


Attackers are changing tactics in everyday. Because of this reason, corporations require to have user identity verification solutions for both today and future.  Also, Global Intelligence Network protects you from future threats and provides you to be up-to-date.