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Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO)

Meet automated file backup and recovery technology for data stored on desktops or laptops!

Automatic file backup and recovery for Windows and Mac!

With more critical business information on external data centers or external servers, protection for desktops and laptops has become a must for every organization. Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option is an easy-to-use, scalable solution with customizable components and secure backup features for data stored on desktop or laptop computers.

  • Choose from flexible distribution architecture options based on organization size and requirements,
  • Provide centralized, automated management for dozens of desktop and laptop computers,
  • Ensure continuous, automatic backups of corporate or public network or offline computer files.

Choose from flexible delivery options!

Match architecture to the size and requirements of your organization.

  • Deploy components according to the needs of your environment
  • Get remote installation agents for desktops and laptops
  • Get built-in security with integrated encryption features and data privacy configurations.

Centralize and automate backup and recovery

Manage tasks in the whole organization in a holistic way.

  • Create detailed reports on the backup status of all desktops and laptops
  • Get real-time graphical visualization of your entire environment from the control panel
  • Automate routine activities and delegate management tasks as needed

Get continuous automatic backup!​


Stay safe when you're connected to corporate or public networks or offline network!


  • Automatically detect an existing network for seamless backups using the tool,
  • Get instant access to backed up data with mobile apps for IOS and Android platforms,
  •  Easily access and download backed up files via a web browser.



What's new in Desktop and Laptop Option 9.3!

Rollback features for ransomware protection, automated reporting, endpoint switching and more...


Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option 9.3 offers more critical backup status for an optimized over-the-Internet backup stream for geographically distributed remote offices as well as other critical features and Enhanced Backup Summary for Advanced Server Support:

  • Provides Continuous Data Protection for RPO,
  • Provides Configurable Retrieval Window for protection from ransomware and for maintaining changes,
  • Provides advanced restore experience with the ability to restore backed up files over time,
  • The tool has the ability to restore itself, offered through a web browser and a mobile application,
  • Receives automatic reports to reinforce the administrator on the consolidated state of the endpoints in the organization.

Protect your data without accessing the corporate network!      


You can now protect the data of users outside the corporate network with the Ver Backup over Internet Yedek feature of Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option. Allows you to run non-VPN backups for enterprise users. Automatically selects the correct network for seamless backups. It protects the data of users on and off the corporate network.



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