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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data security nowadays has become quite critical and the companies come forward with their acquired security strategies. Hence, tools which are used to provide data security, should be considered and investigated in the resulting table for making a difference and creating a more secure environment. DLP is a technology that prevents data loss in a controlled manner and observes how sensitive data replacement is made inside the company.

What is data loss prevention?

DLP is a type of security and content awareness technology that consists three basic sensitive question about your company’s valuable data. Where this data will be stored? How this data will be used? How can I protect myself from loss and theft condition? In a general definition, DLP is a technology that prevents data loss in a controlled manner and observes how sensitive data replacement is made inside company.



Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

If we observe and analyze Symantec DLP to deal with a data breach which insists on leadership at Gartner, the general is as follows:


  • Widest protection layer is provided on the topic of information security with Symantec DLP.
  • It creates really sensitive structure for false positive.
  • It provides major convenience on the point of policy managment, incident response, reporting ve administration with a single console.
  • It can touch all communication channels (cloud, email, web, endpoint and storage) and manages data security on these points with the written policies.
  • DLP which has a wide range of production about integration, offers data classification on the quite easy managed platform that KVKK required. It makes it with the integration of Symantec Information Centric Security which is one of the most popular topics.
  •  Also, it offers easy integration about encryption, data classification, rights managment tools of and 3rd party.

At this point, Symantec DLP stays at a very critic position to provide high level protection and prevent data breaches.

4 headings can be considered to carry security into highest level.

- Endpoint

- Network

- Cloud

- Storage


At this point, actions to be taken are going to be like below.

- Discover

- Monitor

- Protect

When we mention the word “Endpoint”, which of the followings will be involved in it?  Where are we moving when we've been carrying Data security to the summit, which actions are we taking?​

Removable storage, desktop e-mail, web apps and virtual desktops can be points that we can show as an endpoint. We can take actions like discovering, monitoring and preventing.

When we mention the word “Network”, which of the followings will be involved in it?  Where are we moving when we carry Data security to the summit, which actions are we taking?​

Email, Web, FTP, IM and IPv6 can be the points that we can identify as an endpoint. We can take preventing and monitoring actions with the modules like monitor, prevention for web and prevention for e-mail.

When we mention the word “storage”, which of the followings will be involved in it?  Where are we moving when we we carry data security to the summit, which actions are we taking?​

File servers, databases, Exchange, sharepoint, Nas filers are the focus points when we are searching stable data. At this point; we can pick up discovering and protecting actions. Also, it offers a really strong protection and action mechanism because of supporting Flex Response.

When we mention the word “cloud”, which of the followings will be involved in it?  Where are we moving when we carry data security to the summit, which actions are we taking?​

Cloud Apps, O365 Exchange, Gmail, Box are the points that we struggle with them as a cloud. At these points we provide data’s security with the modules like detection service and Cloud Service for e-mail.


Critical point, which is very important to emphasize, is that Symantec DLP has been successfully minimizing number of its false positive by means of advanced machine learning, image recognition, fingerprinting and describing technologies.


It is possible to add dimension to the DLP with various integrations during data protection. Because when sensitive data are shared with second contacts, it emerges out of the managed environment and walk around in cloud, it is being unprotected. Therefore, we need concepts that can extend the security. The solutions that Symantec offers to extend this concept are like below.

- Cloud Access Security Broker: Symantec CloudSOC (CASB)

- Data Classification:  Information Centric Tagging (ICT)

- Encryption: Information Centric Encryption (ICE)

- User and Entity Behavior Analytics: Symantec Information Centric Analytics (ICA)

- Web Gateways and Proxies User Authentication: Symantec ProxySG and Web Security Service (BlueCoat)

- User Authentication: Symantec VIP


 When we say “Then, why Symantec DLP?” we have many answers. We think that each company must evaluate and incorporate this software which is located at the center of KVKK. We are going to be happy to stand by yourside you at this process.


Data Loss Prevention Management and Reporting

It has been more critical to strengthen the ability of your security and adaptivity policies consistently. Because your data spreads with including many applications and device. Integrated management console of Symantec DLP solution facilitates your work. After you write the first policies, you can apply all these policies in everywhere and easily fix the cases with automate workflows. It lets you to take more logical risky decisions and facilitates to robotize your reporting tools at the same time. So, it increases DLP’s value.

DLP for Cloud Computing

It is a logical method to transfer in-house applications to the cloud computing environment for decreasing inertia proportions and costs.  But, how can it be possible to take advantage of cloud without losing visibility and control? Symantec DLP is able to solve this problem with robotized discovery, scanning and prevention features for cloud computing. (Microsoft Office 365 ve Box)

DLP for Lower-end

Even adaption of mobile and cloud increases; traditional lower-ends are remaining as a basic storage tool for sensitive corporation data. Symantec DLP provides that all these information are being protected and secure for lower-end. It lets you to discover, scan and protect your data when users enter and exit to your corporate network on both physical and virtual environment.

Data Loss Prevention for Network

Studies show that number of employees increase day-by-day which regularly access to their folders on the job from personal accounts. So, e-mail and websites are the one of the most vulnerable places to loss data. Symantec DLP provides benefit to minimize this global problem for networks. It blocks both authorized and unauthorized users usage of confidential information for company in a bad way and scanning network protocols around wide network.

DLP for Storaging

Unconfigured data is increasing with giving %70 percentage of alarm in each year. So, it isn’t surprise for companies to have problem on the topic of storing data productively. Symantec DLP provides you to control all of your unconfigured data for storaging. So, careless employees and malware attacks never damage your company.

You can detect secret data at the cloud, mobil and on-the-premises environments and monitor its movement with Symantec Data Loss Prevention.

  • Scan where your data hold at cloud, mobil and on-the-premises structures,
  • Watch how your data is used and move at on-premise and outsourced networks,
  • Protect your data against theft and leakage.

With Symantec DLP, you can ensure that confidential company data is tracked, blocked and detected on end-user machines, on the network, on mobile devices and on storage.

You can create basics of data security on every environment by integrating DLP processes and Platin Bilişim’s expert staff in a corporate security approach.

New Features!

During the days that data transfers to the cloud environment, worries are existed which are more security, adaptability and confidentiality. Obtain visibility and control at cloud environments with Symantec DLP!

  • DLP Cloud Prevent fot Microsoft Office 365: Offers opportunity of controlling hidden content messages with integrating your Microsoft mail server. You can apply DLP over Office 365.
  • DLP Cloud Storage: Provides control and visibility at the cloud storage environment.

Why DLP?

  • If you aren’t sure where your company data is helded, sent and who access to it,
  • If your company has a plan for protecting secret data from unexpected guests, but it is unsecure against your employees or share holders taking out secret data incorrectly or data theft,
  • If you want to block the sharing of your company’s and most importantly your customers confidential data in different areas and holding your company’s security in a highest level,
  • If you always want to ready for the competition board control,

 You can do all these things with Symantec DLP.

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