Platin Bilişim has cooperations with the strongest and leader brands. Our target is not only make a difference on our rivals via our certificated and powerful engineer staff but also; providing IT security products and services for our customers from end to end.

Platin Security Bundle on IBM Resilient Version 1

Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) systems empower companies in combating cyber-attacks and the risks and impacts they cause and increase their success.

Resilient, by providing an advanced platform for cyber security incidents (IRP), cyber security teams manage the Incident Response processes, enabling them to implement the solution and the measures to be implemented faster, more effectively, and more intelligently over a single platform.

IBM Resilient Bundle Security:
Implementation and Maintenance Package and Service Content

IBM Resilient installation service; During the project, the meetings will be held every 2-3 weeks, and the following stages are completed:


Preparation and Installation

Project Team and Delegations required for SOAR

Conceptual Design Creation

Control of Infrastructure Requirements with Conceptual Design

Presentation and Acceptance of Design


At Integration process, log flow and is supplied to the SOAR side by providing SOAR integration with the requested security products (SIEM, DLP etc.). Also, SIEM Logs are made sense and offense-incident transfer is performed over SIEM for taking relevant actions.

Playbook Applications

After the integration phase is over, the determined playbooks are started to be written and the configuration of Playbook applications / workflows designing is carried out on SOAR. Customer-specific work flow processes are designed to handle the action and follow-up processes of Playbooks. 

Special Development & Action and Go Live

At this stage 5 organization-specific event intervention flows are configured. Following the completion of all phases, the system goes live and the Project Acceptance and Closing Meeting is held.

IBM Resilient maintenance service includes intervention to possible errors and malfunctions in IRP systems platform and Circuits components. Also it includes system updates once a year (for 2 systems Upgrade support) and managerial usage related to IBM Resilient System. Maintenance services are provided to the customer with 5x9 remotely / on site when necessary.

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