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In which sectors does Platin Bilişim operate mostly?

As Platin Bilişim frankly, we have solutions for every industry but mostly we are operating in banking, finance, production and retail.

Does Platin Bilişim provide hardware solutions?

In ICT world, besides the most important point of effectively usage of a system compliance to your analyzing results both as software and hardware. Otherwise, systems can give errors and users can live problems. So, as platin bilişim we are providing analyzing and design services. Also some projects our appliances as hardware can be provided if it is applicable.

Has Platin Bilişim global projects?

With our proffessional team as Platin Bilişim we have many global projects. Also from time to time we are providing remote support for our global projects. We can help you both domestically and globally.

Has Platin Bilişim social events and opportunuties?

Yes, of course.We have both in company or in unit social events. We give importance to social development of our employees. You can follow our events via our website or our social media channels.

Has Platin Bilişim professional consultancy services?

Yes we have. Our professional services can serve you better. When ypu have a problem you have to act rapidly but sometimes you cannot do this alone. Platin Bilişim can help you on consultancy.

Has Platin Bilişim future engineers programme?

Yes we have. If you want to take a step on the business world, you are in the right place. We belive that our employees are the most important power in us. So that we started a future young engineers programme. If you have 0-3 years experience, you can apply on us. Good luck.

Has Platin Bilişim aftersales services?

Yes of course we have support deals following:

  • Silver:5/9
  • Gold:7/24
  • Platinum: Full Resource
  • Per -Call
Has Platin Bilişim residence services?

Yes we have. To manage daily operations as a main responsible, we operate remotely or customer-on site.

Ayhan Bamyacı

"One of the reasons for the presence of the public sector is to fullfill the common needs of the citizens. In the beginning public sector security needs emerged as internal and external security and then with development of the technology data and information security concepts added to these trends. Hereby; public sector’s workload started to rise. Not only governmental decentralization but also political decentralization data security has become a vital importance."

Ayhan Bamyacı General Manager, Platin Bilişim

Pınar Bamyacı

We are facing with a liberal marketplace in the energy industry; hence the importance of the security threat intimidations newly. We are as Platin Bilişim Sales Team, trying to provide the most flexible solutions for our customers. In the end, we would like to make our customers taking services form one point also, to be the one for their maintanence and problem solving processes.

Pınar Bamyacı Sales Director, Platin Bilişim