If you would like to step in business-word with a marvelous team, if you would like amusing, energetic and vying atmosphere; then you are in the right place. We belive that our employees are the biggest power and potential in us, so we are styling our future performance. Our purpose is making people look outside from a more secure casemen via our IT Security solutions.

Future’s Leader Engineers Program

As we are aware of our social responsibility, we also feel the responsibility of developing a labor force while working for a safer future. We need future’s leader engineers like you to transform our passion into reality and to make the world a more secured place.

General Qualifications

If you want to join to our new workforce training program and to be among the leading engineers of the future; we highly encourage you to apply to our junior positions which requires 0-3 years of experience or experienced positions if you have an adequate experience and have the following qualifications.


To have a fundamental engineering knowledge and a desire to change the World! Completing a bachelor degree program of a related major. Being able to speak English. (French and German will be considered as second foreign language.)


Future’s Leader Engineers Program is a program that raises and develops engineers. Additionally, this program encourages employees to participate in different duties and projects.

Job description

It is an engineer training and development program for the future leader engineers. Eligible engineers may serve in different tasks and projects.

Please send your CV and a cover letter to to apply.